Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Nottingham - Photo Gallery One

Coventry Road Bulwell - Tues 3rd Dec 2013

Midland Shelving Fire

Busy day fer me today. Launderette, then QMC fer me INR blood tests, then to Bulwell (on the bus) to get some cheapo-short-dated nosh in - and that is when I passed the fire below.

Carrington Street

Facing towards the City Centre, this clever photo has a 1912 shot superimposed in the exact relative position, over a 1980 photo, I hope to try an take one from the same position late to show you three 'ages' of Nottingham.
The busy building with the Nottingham folk on the left - is... was, the public toilets, it's now a fast-food retail outlet! Eurgh!
Just out of shot far left, was the entrance to the British Rail Goods Yard, where my father used to work long ago. Although nothing like yesteryear, the concrete post Dad had his delivery dray horse break his leg on, is still there!


Broad Marsh Centre

The entrance from the North, where once was many shops on both sides, now abandoned!

A bit further into the in, you come across the up and down escalators, and more abandoned, bankrupt boarded up ex-retail premises.
Nottingham shoppers will be aware of the famous 'shudder' of the down escalator!

At the bottom of the escalators you are greeted by... more abandoned retail outlets!

Victoria Shopping Centre

Police tackle the shoplifting craze in Nottingham

Even more shop closure on Mansfield Road

Photo's wot I took of HRMs Visit to Nottingham

HRMs Visit to Nottingham -Wednesday 13th June 2012

Old Market Square - 2011

Old Market Square - June 2012

Mansfield Road, Carrington - 20th June 2012

The row of closed down shops - another sad indication for Nottingham!

Week-ending 1st July 2012

Nottingham Photos Wot I took

 Clumber Street - with its closed down shops, Money Lenders, Cash for Gold, Big Issue Sellers, Pound Shop (Doing well!) and a shop selling kiddies shoes on offer at £49.99!

Mansfield Road, with this retailer going out of business and the site for sale
Typical Nottingham I'm afraid!

The Crossing where I saw a girl knocked over in March, a Cyclist in April went under a lorry, and in June, another woman hit by a bus. And still the pedestrians go against the lights, and cross anywhere!

Victoria Centre shoplifters... er I mean shoppers!

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