Wednesday, 13 June 2012

HRM The Queens Visit to Nottingham

Photo's wot I managed to take, as I was hobbling into the City Centre

Wednesday 13th June 2012

The're coming towards me....

The're a little closer now....

The're here...

The're gone.... 

The're a memory now!
I might well have been able to get some better shots (photographs) of Her Majesty's flotilla up Mansfield Road this morning, but one of the kind motorbike-policeman-officer-gentlemen who preceded the Royals, kindly suggested I kept both feet on the pavement outside the closed down and torched in Nottingham's riots of last year shop that I was stood near - to avoid his having to arrest me!
His wearing of an SA80, a British family of 5.56mm small arms, a selective fire, gas-operated assault rifle, decided me to keep both of my feet as recommended on the pavement - notice all the others took the advice to heart as well!
The CPO, wearing a new hat, and the git in blue who got in the way of my shots seemed to enjoy the fleeting moment anyway.
The automobiles used I noted were built by Indian, German, and Japanese owned companies.
When I moved on into the city centre, there was plenty of Union flag bunting, but none I noticed at the Age-Concern, NHS Drop-in Centre, Benefits, or Job-Centre-Plus offices?

I moved on to fetch some hearing aid batteries, get my bus pass mended, and call at the Pound shop to get some seed for the pigeons - delights I bet Her Majesty doesn't have the pleasure of!

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